6 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Tips

That allow you to see into your cabinets when they are closed. You can find LEDs in lots of different colors like yellow, red and green which makes them perfect for Christmas decorations or even Halloween! If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, turn it into a DIY project by buying LED strips with adhesive backs and sticking them on the inside of each cabinet door so that they shine down onto your shelves.

   1) Add some color to your cabinets

   Cabinets take a lot of abuse – spills, splashes, crumbs and steeped in grease – so they can really use a makeover every once in awhile. If you’re not in the mood for a full refinishing then try painting them in an unexpected color that complements your current kitchen palette. Adding color is easy because it doesn’t require any big changes… after all, who wants to move all their dishes when they could just paint around them?

   2) Update cabinet hardware for less than $10/door

   Installing new cabinet knobs or pulls doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking if you go with simple styles. They provide enough   Customizing your own kitchen cabinets might seem like an immense task, but with a little imagination and some help from the Internet you can create your dream cabinet. Read on to learn five different ways to improve your kitchen without spending too much money or time!1) Use paint instead of wood grain contact paper

   Kitchen cabinets do not have to be brown – take a step back in time with a vintage style cabinet that features stain glass panels or ornate carvings. If you want to keep things modern but still give it a twist, then use colored paints as an alternative to wood grain contact paper. To give your cabinet a more personalized look, make each one unique by painting them all differently without sacrificing any storage or quality. In addition, if you have a large enough kitchen and there is space between the cabinets, then try painting one or two to match your walls.

   3) Add color with paint chips

   The best way to know what color you want is to look at paint chips from your local hardware store. It helps if you go in person so that you can swap the stickers around on the backs of each sample and group them by similar shades. Once you find a few colors that you like grouped together, pick up some wood tone contact paper; it usually comes in packs that feature several different shades and it only costs a few dollars. Cut out each piece of contact paper into squares and write cabinet #: 1-15 on the back of each one with a dry erase marker and stick them on the fronts of your cabinets. Make sure you run some tests first to make sure that the paint won’t peel off or harm your cabinets in any way. Once you are satisfied with how they look, apply them one-by-one and let them dry overnight before using the cabinets.

   43) Add a touch of modern flare

   If you’re looking for a way to really jazz up your kitchen then consider adding a little bit of modern flare by painting each cabinet white or installing white subway tiles with gray grout. This will give the illusion that your cabinets stretch from floor-to-ceiling without actually having to change anything structurally about your kitchens design. In addition, giving it a fresh coat of paint is a great way to cover up any existing scuffs or scratches on the doors. If you really want to give your cabinets an expensive look, then use gray grout rather than white.

   5) Remove cabinet doors that are no longer in use

   Nobody needs 12 cabinet spaces when they only have 8 plates and 6 cups! Take things one step further by removing any cabinet doors that are not in use; this will make the kitchen appear more spacious and help provide some additional lighting if you install under-cabinet lights. This works well for corner cabinets near the sink because they are usually hidden away anyway, but make sure to take off the hinges before reattaching them so that it looks like each door was never

6) Add lighting to make your kitchen pop

   Few things can transform a space like new lighting, and an updated light fixture is also a great alternative to the dated 4-bulb range hood above your stovetop. It’s all about maximizing what you already have; if you really want to go all out then add under-cabinet lights

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